Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tooth fairy

The tooth fairy visited again a couple of nights ago. Hunter lost his second of his top teeth. Now he has a big gap on the top and looks so cute!! We were ready for that tooth to had been hanging on by a thread for at least a week. Hunter pulled it out on his own at school this past Wednesday and was very proud of himself.

Reesey got her first big boo-boo last Wednesday too. We were getting ready to go to church and she hit her head on the edge of the end table in our living room. She cried for about 20 seconds and then was happy Reesey again. See her boo-boo in picture above. It looked a lot worse right after she did it and the next morning it looked 90% better. Now she just has a little bruise. Reese will be one in a couple of weeks and I can't believe it. I think I will have a little family party for her next Saturday night because the kids will be here then. I love my little Reesey. She is still taking about 4-5 steps and then just falls down. I think she could take more if she really wanted to.

At Awana this past Wednesday we had the Grand Prix race. Bobby and Hunter made a pinewood derby car and had been working on it a few weeks. Hunter's car actually did really good in the races. He raced in four heats and placed second in most of them. He got to race in the finals but never won first. He got a really cool racing tshirt for doing so well...but he wanted a trophy. He was disappointed when 3 got trophies and he didn't get one. I had a lot of fun watching the races.

Hunter had his Rhythm Program at his school this past Thursday. It is put on by the PE department and all of the first grade participates. Hunter's class used scarfs and did a routine with lots of exercises that they learn at school. It was cute and fun to watch. Shelby thought it was a lot of fun to watch too and can't wait to start school now. She still has a year to wait! You can kind of see Hunter in the pictures of all of the kids. He is in a red shirt. My boy is so big!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are made of Cotton Balls

I think I may have the cutest story ever. I am writing this down because I don't ever want to forget it. This story involves my Shelby-girl.

On Monday night I was laying down with Shelby before she went to bed. Now remember, usually she is at her dad's house on Monday night but he had to work so I kept them that evening. So, if that hadn't happened...I would never have heard these sweet words.

After Shelby said her prayer, she looked like she was deep in thought. She said, "Mom, how does God make people?" Before I really had a chance to respond to her she says, "Oh yeah, I know...he uses cottonballs." She was so serious and I started dying laughing!!! I thought those were the cutest words I had ever heard. She was so sincere when she said it. I said, "no, we aren't made of cottonballs." She just smiled so big and then she thought it was funny too. Then she said, "So we are made of blood then and what is under the blood?" I told her "Well, we have bones in us too." She thought again and then said, "Oh yeah, God gets the bones to make us from a dog bowl."
Needless to say, I was laughing again...and then she was laughing with me too.
She is the sweetest, funniest little girl I have ever known. She is such a joy to be around and is always making someone laugh. Her teachers always tell me that Shelby always has a smile on her face. This is true. She is my special little girl.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Date Night

My boy, Hunter, and I had our first date night last weekend. I took him to see the movie Coraline. We had a wonderful time. It is a 3D movie and it was fairly scary! Hunter wasn't afraid at all, he is so brave. We had candy, popcorn, and coke and I will never forget it. I told him I wouldn't and it made him smile. I have a date lined up with Shelby when the Hannah Montana movie comes out. I am really looking forward to that too!
The cardboard cars pictures you see are the ones the kids made for Awana's drive-in movie night. They had fun decorating their cars. Brooke and Shelby shared their car. Hunter did a great job and I was really impressed with the checkered flag that he made on his. I think he definitely has artistic talent. Shelby is able to draw pictures more and more. Some of her people she draws finally have arms! So cute.
Bobby and Hunter have really bonded over the Nintendo DS as you can see. Hunter loves for Bobby to play Mario Bros. while Hunter watches him. Bobby has beaten the game and so now Hunter can go to any level of the game and play. He loves his DS that Santa brought him for Christmas last year.
Last night I made a special dinner for just Bobby and I. We ate at 8:00 after Reesey went to bed in the Dining Room. We have never eaten in that room before. I made Lamb Chops ( with a recipe from my Everyday Food), green beans, (also from Everyday) , red potatoes, chocolate covered strawberries, and molten choc. cake (with help from Betty Crocker) It was a delicious meal and we had a great time just being together by ourselves. As you know, we don't get much of that anymore! On Friday night we went and saw Rodney Carrington perform. He is hilarious and we have seen him before in Ohio. That was a nice time too.
Back to work tomorrow. YUCK!
Oh yeah- Hunter lost his first top tooth today. He called me from his dad's house. I can't wait to see what my baby looks like. He will be so different to me!!!