Sunday, March 1, 2009

Date Night

My boy, Hunter, and I had our first date night last weekend. I took him to see the movie Coraline. We had a wonderful time. It is a 3D movie and it was fairly scary! Hunter wasn't afraid at all, he is so brave. We had candy, popcorn, and coke and I will never forget it. I told him I wouldn't and it made him smile. I have a date lined up with Shelby when the Hannah Montana movie comes out. I am really looking forward to that too!
The cardboard cars pictures you see are the ones the kids made for Awana's drive-in movie night. They had fun decorating their cars. Brooke and Shelby shared their car. Hunter did a great job and I was really impressed with the checkered flag that he made on his. I think he definitely has artistic talent. Shelby is able to draw pictures more and more. Some of her people she draws finally have arms! So cute.
Bobby and Hunter have really bonded over the Nintendo DS as you can see. Hunter loves for Bobby to play Mario Bros. while Hunter watches him. Bobby has beaten the game and so now Hunter can go to any level of the game and play. He loves his DS that Santa brought him for Christmas last year.
Last night I made a special dinner for just Bobby and I. We ate at 8:00 after Reesey went to bed in the Dining Room. We have never eaten in that room before. I made Lamb Chops ( with a recipe from my Everyday Food), green beans, (also from Everyday) , red potatoes, chocolate covered strawberries, and molten choc. cake (with help from Betty Crocker) It was a delicious meal and we had a great time just being together by ourselves. As you know, we don't get much of that anymore! On Friday night we went and saw Rodney Carrington perform. He is hilarious and we have seen him before in Ohio. That was a nice time too.
Back to work tomorrow. YUCK!
Oh yeah- Hunter lost his first top tooth today. He called me from his dad's house. I can't wait to see what my baby looks like. He will be so different to me!!!


Kiera said...

Love the "date night" thing and it will be something that they will remember forever! My mom did that with us a few times and I remember that like it was yesterday! So special!! You're kiddos are adorable and growing up way too fast!!!Glad yall are doing great!!

Ashley and Nolan said...

I love the little cars! You'll have to post pics of Hunter's teeth soon! Love yall!