Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day at Work with my Girl

Yes, today it was Shelby's turn to come to work with Mama. Actually, we found out that Shelb has pneumonia yesterday...the walking pneumonia kind. She is coughing off and on and occasionally has a fever, but other than that there is not much change in her. She is a toughy! She has had a good day and has been a really good girl here at my office. She has her Hannah Montana blanket, her DVD player with plenty of Spongebob!!!, her colors and her coloring books. She is good to go. When we got back from lunch in the cafeteria, which she thought was cool too, I had her lay down and take a nap. She is currently sleeping and hopefully will for a couple of hours.
I love having my pretty girl here with me and I hope she gets better soon. Oh..her medicine is soooooo nasty. The Dr. warned me how much she would hate it. I had Walgreens flavor it with grape but it is still awful. The Dr. gave me the tip of having her brush her teeth each time after she takes her medicine. That way she kind of forgets and it is not so bad the next time.

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Ashley and Nolan said...

Hope my Shelby girl is feeling better! Give her kisses from her Aunt So!